WineStrawsIntroducing LMS Agency Inc’s newest client… the innovative yet ingeniously simple; WineStraws.

LMS Agency Inc. is honored to assist WineStraws in the creation and launch of their fresh and fun social marketing campaign.  WineStraws is a simple, unique product that eliminates stained teeth and lips for the red wine lovers around the world. The concept may be simple but the design is anything but ordinary.  WineStraws are a high quality plastic that look and feel like glass, have a diameter that enhances the wine flavor and are 100% recyclable… is no wonder that these affordable straws are so popular in the wine world.

Make sure to join in the conversation with the newly optimized WineStraws social networking sites on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. Looking for some quick holiday tips or how to host your next themed party? Check out their very informative and incredibly fun blog that provides you with the latest tips, tricks and must-knows about wine events, entertaining and gift-giving ideas.



About LMS

Leah M. Sadowski is a native of Minnesota and currently resides in San Diego, California. CEO of full service media agency, LMS Agency Inc., Leah works with clients locally, nationally and globally to provide them with creative media strategies that help their businesses succeed. When not she is not immersed in the world of advertising and media Leah enjoys playing sports, enjoying the sunny southern Californian outdoors and playing with her Lab-Ridgeback--Miss Scout.
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